Everything is Art; A Half-Baked Exposition

Everything is Art; A Half-Baked Exposition

We make art intentionally. 

The act of making intentional art, unintentionally makes more art. Examples; paint splatters, brush stains, pallets covered in paint. 

This is art (paint splatters on a wall)

Art is defined for this case as anything of visual, emotional, or otherwise meaningful/impactful value. 

This is art. (a landfill)

As paint splatters are to a painting. 

A landfills are to a civilization.

The painting, and the civilization, are the intentional art. The thing in which we direct energy, devotion, and our best intentions. 

The paint splatters and landfills are the unintentional artwork that is created as a byproduct of our intentional creative projects (the painting and civilization).

A legacy is defined as “the long lasting impact of particular events, actions, etc, that took place in the past/in a person's life”.

The landfill could be our collective legacy.

The landfill could be our final work of art. Our most influential, long lasting piece could be our unintentional splatters of material, as we went about crafting what was meant to be our magnum opus. Instead, we could be known for that which we forgot to take care of. 

Instead of allowing our unconsciousness to define our legacy, I choose a legacy of optimism, of intentionality, of waste as art intentionally. (examples of waste as art; earth ships, trash/upcycle art)



I choose a beautiful legacy, and invite you to do so also.


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