Through Awareness, All Things

Through Awareness, All Things

Often as Humans we receive experiences and insights that feel challenging to express. In attempting to express, words are the medium we often choose. Yet some of the most empowering insights are best expressed through embodiment. These profound insights often change the way we speak, walk, dress, rest, and play. They can change the tone we speak with, the thoughts we experience, and the way we experience our thoughts. Even without words that directly articulate a happening or insight, that insight can be anchored into and therefore change the collective.

In my experience these insights are channeled through awareness. It is through conscious awareness of thoughts, experiences, emotions, and sensations, that the ability to choose a response is born. Through awareness I am able to allow all the multifaceted happenings of a moment to be lovingly accepted. In this open awareness to all that is, I feel what people call a flow state. All happenings can be seen as welcome parts of my experience. All happening, all accepted, all loved. 

I used to feel that days with this flow were few and far between. I now shed this story. I shed it, for I now know it to be a false story. I have experienced a new way, a story that at this moment reads true. So I shed the story of tension and struggle, and make space for a new story.

The new story has parts which are yet unknown to me. Perhaps because they’ve yet to be written. I know how this new story starts though, and it reads;

“Through awareness, Humanity awoke. They began to heal, to extend greater grace, and compassion. First to themselves, and then to others. Through their ever expanding awareness, their lives and the world collectively began to change for the better.”

And so it is, and so we shall Be.

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